EEPS With Surelock

Railware’s enhanced employeeprotection system saves lives.

Track workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. While placing a block on a track is inherently safe, removing one is fraught with peril. The margin for error is potentially fatal.

Wayside maintenance shouldn’t be a dangerous profession

Railware’s patented Enhanced Employee Protection System (EEPS) forestalls errant blocking through two-factor authentication, requiring rail traffic controllers and employees on the ground to simultaneously lift a block. Every time a block is placed a unique code is generated using industry leading RSA-authentication and sent to the track foreman in the field. In order for that block to be removed its unique key must be sent back to the operations control center to authorize it. By putting the power to lift a block not just in the hands of the dispatcher in the office but also those of employees operating under its protection, Surelock prevents mistakes and ultimately saves lives.

At Railware we are dedicated to reducing the number of deaths from errant blocking to zero. Railware’s EEPS with Surelock comes native with DispatchX. As a result of our hard work our software won the FRA’s President’s Award and is recommended for use in every railroad in the country.

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